Shipping and handling:

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery in the U.S.A. and 4 weeks for air mail abroad.

Within the U.S. Canada EU/UK Asia All Other Regions
1-2 (CDs or sets) – $7.90 1-5 (CDs or sets) – $28.00 1(CD or set) – $13.60 1-5 (CDs or sets) -$28.00 1-5 (CDs or sets) -$28.00
3-10 (CDs or sets) -$12.00 6-10 (CDs or sets) – $39.00 2-8 (CDs or sets) — $23.00 6-10 (CDs or sets) -$40.00 6-10 (CDs or sets) -$40.00
11-20 (CDs or sets) – $14.00 11-20 (CDs or sets) – $52.00 9-14 (CDs or sets) – $33.00 11-20 (CDs or sets) -$80.00 11-20 (CDs or sets) -$80.00
21+ (CDs or sets) – $22.00 21+ (CDs or sets) – $68.00 15-17 (CDs or sets) – $47.00 21+(CDs or sets) -$103.00 21+(CDs or sets) -$103.00
18+ (CDs or sets) – $55.00


Charge your order to VISA or MASTERCARD or any of their foreign affiliates, e.g. Access, Eurocard, Carte Bleue, etc . We DO NOT accept American Express.  Credit card charges are processed when your order is shipped.

If you do not charge your order to a credit card full payment with is required with the order. Checks must be drawn on U.S. banks, payable in U.S. dollars.  Customers  outside the U.S. can obtain dollar drafts drawn on U.S. banks at their local bank, or international postal money orders at their local post office.

All California customers will be charged 9.5% California sales tax.

Mail your order and check payable to:

Music & Arts Programs of America, Inc.
2465 4th Street
Berkeley CA 94710-2403

For Credit Card orders only, Call (+1) 510-525-4583  or FAX your order with credit card info to (+1) 510-524-2111

Email orders to:   You can cut and paste the order form into an email message, with or without Credit Card information, however email is a very insecure way to transmit credit card information.  If you use this method of order transmittal, your order will be held until the arrival of credit card information (by phone or mail) or receipt of your check.

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